Applications 05-05-2022

Accelerated shelf-life testing

White paper: Accelerated shelf-life testing for natural colorants in three food models

This white paper explains how the shelf life of foods can be determined quickly and easily using accelerated shelf-life testing.  


In the food industry, the trend has been increasingly moving away from artificial colorants and towards natural alternatives. However, these are often expensive and less stable. The lack of stability can become a problem if natural colorants are added to foods with a long shelf life. Accelerated shelf-life testing (ASLT) can be used to determine stability.

In the whitepaper, individual natural colorants are each analyzed in three different food models, and the experiment setup and results are documented and explained.



This free white paper contains information on:

  • Determining the shelf life of foods
  • Materials and methods used to carry out accelerated shelf-life testing
  • The documentation for an exemplary ASLT experiment setup including results


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