Products 06-07-2022

The new BINDER vacuum drying chambers at a glance

Are you looking for a way to get successful results and keep conditions safe? BINDER’s vacuum drying chambers are the answer.

BINDER vacuum drying chambers are in high demand – particularly since BINDER is the only manufacturer in its field that is able to provide units with proven explosion-proof features. But BINDER vacuum drying chambers have so much more to offer. Visit this link to find out more. 


One example of the features in the new vacuum drying chambers are the state-of-the-art controllers, which provide customers with a central location for control. However, customers also have the option of using a touchscreen display, which can show the actual and set pressure and temperature values at the same time. This has the positive effect of allowing users to see the process stage of the chamber that is ongoing at any time.


Automatic drying detection is another entirely new feature. The SmartVent function in BINDER vacuum drying ovens instantly detects when the drying process is complete and causes the ventilation to start automatically as a result. This removes the need for users to plan safety margins, reducing process times.


The SmartVent system detects the point at which the pressure starts dropping further after the solvent has fully dried. The ventilation then kicks in automatically, which means that users do not need to worry about whether the sample material is dry or not.


The new vacuum drying chamber can also be programmed to store specific drying sequences in advance. The enlarged viewing window and the optional interior lighting provide an even better picture of the item being dried. With BINDER vacuum drying chambers, you can be sure that nothing is left to chance.