Products 03-16-2022

Maximize your success with our complete set

BINDER provides top-quality vacuum drying chambers, pumps, and pump chambers that deliver safety and successful results.

BINDER offers the only ATEX-compliant vacuum drying chamber on the market – but that’s not all: BINDER now also has an ATEX-compliant pump that is ideally suited to work involving flammable solvents. With BINDER, users of vacuum drying chambers benefit from a sophisticated complete system.


BINDER vacuum drying chamber models enable effective and gentle drying without damaging sensitive materials. They are able to dry samples and similar materials incorporating flammable and non-flammable solvents, depending on the individual application.


This process requires a range of different pumps – all of which BINDER is able to provide. Each one is an oil-free chemical membrane pump that is resistant to numerous chemicals. The pumps are available in 120 or 230 V option models and the diaphragm (a wear part) in all of them can be replaced by the user. Thanks to its excellent service network, BINDER is able to offer its customers the option to have their pumps serviced and inspected on site.


The VAP 1 is a two-stage vacuum pump with a nominal pumping speed of 2.0 cubic meters per hour and achieves an end vacuum of 7 millibars. It is designed for drying aqueous, non-flammable solvents and is ideal for all sizes in the VD series that are only used for drying small quantities.


For larger quantities of aqueous solvents, we recommend the VAP 2 pump, whose nominal pumping speed of 4.0 cubic meters per hour allows it to dry materials twice as quickly. This three-stage pump also achieves an end vacuum of 1.8 millibars, making it ideal for drying at ambient temperature or in situations where the material being dried has poor thermal coupling.


A new addition to the BINDER range is the VAP 5 explosion-proof pump for drying flammable solvents. We are particularly proud of this innovation, as it is fully compliant with the latest explosion protection standards (ATEX) and is ideal for operation with the VDL series of vacuum drying chambers, which also meet ATEX requirements. With a nominal pumping speed of 3.6 cubic meters per hour, it achieves an end vacuum of less than 2 millibars. The pump can be installed in category 3 environments (where explosive atmospheres rarely occur) and, when operated with inert gas flushing, is even suitable for category 2 environments (where explosive atmospheres occasionally occur).


Together with the pump chamber, which is available as an accessory, and the ATEX-compliant connection kit, customers receive a perfectly coordinated complete system that is ergonomically designed and extremely user-friendly. It also impresses with a rigorous safety concept – because nothing is more important to us than your safety!


Consistently safe, reliable, smart and economical, BINDER’s complete vacuum drying systems contain everything you need for success.