Products 08-31-2021

BINDER Video series UF V

Optimal products: BINDER ultra low temperature freezers

The Peter and Michael Show: Our ultra low temperature freezers


In our new video series “The Peter and Michael Show,” you will discover why BINDER ultra low temperature freezers are among the best on the market. In a product from BINDER, safe storage of sensitive samples is guaranteed. So it’s no wonder that many vaccination centers and pharmaceutical companies have relied and continue to rely on ultra low temperature freezers from BINDER, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.


With a “super freezer” from BINDER, even the storage of dangerous pathogens, such as coronaviruses, presents no problems. Another benefit is the robust quality from BINDER, which ensures a long service life. However, should a power outage or system failure occur, the samples contained in the freezer remain frozen for over 30 hours. Safe and secure: If the worst happens, the additional CO2 back-up cooling provides extra safety.


Last but not least, the BINDER freezers are impressively economical. In fact, their outstanding energy efficiency results in a 20 percent reduction in power consumption.


The BINDER freezers are impressive in every respect, but why not find out for yourself? Take a look at our latest video.