Company 06-14-2022

BINDER receives certificates for environment and energy!

Many years of sustainability efforts now officially documented

TUTTLINGEN – BINDER has been officially certified in the areas of environment and energy since May 2022 by meeting ISO standards 14001 and 50001. This means the company satisfies exceptionally high standards with regard to the rational use and saving of energy, while actively and demonstrably promoting environmental protection.

"Such certification is indeed an accolade, because the requirements are extraordinarily demanding. However, we cannot rest on our laurels after this success, because after one certification, we have got to get ready for the next. This means that continuous improvements are a must according to ISO 50001 and 14001," says energy and environmental officer Jens Breitkopf.

The basis of our success has been certifiable management system specified by management, and the expansion of the management policy with regard to energy and the environment. The resources required for each planned, scheduled and targeted measure were made available and communicated within the company. During and after the implementation of individual measures, these were evaluated and, if necessary, corrected in order to successively achieve the specified goals.

One specific example was the complete switch to green electricity in September 2021, which means a CO2 saving of 600 tonnes per year. This measure was initiated by management, which means that targets were set and budgeted accordingly. Countless processes proceeded in a comparable manner, all with the aim of saving energy, using energy more efficiently and protecting the environment. Other relevant examples were the purchase of battery storage for the PV system, which means that excess solar energy can be stored and used during times of peak power demand. In addition, all illumination at BINDER is gradually being converted to LEDs. Last but not least, all employees are also being motivated to take personal responsibility and actively encouraged to save energy.

"Our mission is to make a significant contribution to the health and safety of humanity – and that, of course, includes protecting the environment. That is why we have been striving for years to become even more sustainable and green. Since as far back as 2005, we have been using geothermal energy almost exclusively for heating, and last year we switched over to 100% renewable electricity. We are also currently expanding our PV installation, which will be the largest in the Tuttlingen district when completed. We will then produce a large proportion of our electricity ourselves. We are always striving to improve. So, these certifications are another logical step that we are proud of," says Vice President Peter Wimmer.