APT-COM™ 4 | Multi Management Software for logging, controlling, and monitoring

BINDER’s new Multi Management Software provides management, logging, programming, and documentation options, and much more. With features ranging from GLP-compliant logging to convenient program creation and management of up to 100 units, the APT-COM™ 4 can be used in all industries and makes complex work processes much easier.

Important characteristics

APT-COM™ 4 BASIC edition

  • Administration of up to five connected units
  • Log management (creating, deleting, archiving)
  • Documentation of measured values
  • Central overview of all units in both diagram and table form
  • Graphical presentation of measured values
  • Graphical/numerical program editor
  • Manual export of measured values (CSV/PDF file)
  • Multilingual user interface (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian)
  • Optional program execution via APT-COM™
  • Timer function
  • Import of data from APT-COM™ 3


All the same functions as the BASIC edition and:

  • Administration of up to 100 connected units at the same time
  • Central overview of all units in a room plan
  • Email-based alarm system
  • Web server for displaying results
  • User administration for multiple users and authorizations
  • Automatic, time-managed export of measured values
  • Reports for further processing/archiving
  • Automatic/manual backup and recovery

APT-COM™ 4 GLP edition

All the same functions as the PROFESSIONAL edition and:

  • Can be validated according to 21 CFR Part 11 including validation documents
  • Documentation of measured values in a tamper-proof file in accordance with GLP/GMP guidelines on audit trails
  • Electronic signatures
  • editions APT-COM™ 4 BASIC-Edition
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  • editions APT-COM™ 4 PROFESSIONAL-Edition
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  • editions APT-COM™ 4 GLP-Edition
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RRP* [?] Merken
  • Designation:

    Execution of IQ/OQ

  • Description:

    for APT-COM™ GLP-Edition according to qualification folder with an additional connected unit

  • Art. No.: DL04-0012
- +
  • Designation:

    Execution of IQ/OQ

  • Description:

    Durchführung der IQ/OQ für APT-COM™ GLP-Edition gemäß Qualifizierungsordner für jedes weitere daran angeschlossene Gerät

  • Art. No.: DL04-0013
- +
  • Designation:

    Installation of software

  • Description:

    Install and configure software on a PC provided by the customer, prerequisites analogous to system requirements

  • Art. No.: DL04-0001
- +
  • Designation:


  • Description:

    operating and configuration options for the software, programming and control of units via the Multi Management Software APT-COM™

  • Art. No.: DL04-0003
- +
  • Designation:

    Qualification folder IQ/OQ

  • Description:

    supporting documents for validation performed by customer, consisting of: IQ/OQ checklists, unit schematics, QM certificate in accordance with ISO 9001

  • Art. No.: 8012-0760
- +
  • Designation:

    Start-up of devices to software

  • Description:

    connect and configure a unit to the Multi Management Software APT-COM™, customer does not supply cables

  • Art. No.: DL04-0002
- +
Options and Accessories

Complementary to our products we offer a broad range of options and accessories - from access ports and to racks to documentation and software.

Please select a model to get an overview of all available options and accessories for this product:



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APT-COM™ 4 – Quick Install Guide

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APT-COM™ 4 Multi Management Software Basic Edition | Professional Edition | GLP Edition

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Multi Management Software APT-COM™ 4

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Multi Management Software APT-COM™ 4 Recording, management, documentation

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