All-new master of efficiency for constant climate chambers

October 2015 New KBF 1020

BINDER has launched a real master of efficiency with an interior volume of 1,020 liters in the form of the new KBF 1020 constant climate chamber. The new unit is exceptionally roomy for storing large quantities of test specimens or samples which are physically large in size.


BINDER GmbH, the world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, has now expanded its product portfolio of KBF constant climate chambers by adding a new, large-volume model. From October 1, a unit with of usable space will be available alongside the existing sizes of 115, 240, and 720 liters. The cube-shaped inner chamber is specially designed to store large test samples efficiently in terms of both their quantity and size. “This offers significant advantages, particularly with regard to long-term storage for shelf-life and stability testing, as the ability to store large sample sizes in a test cycle offers considerable savings in terms of both time and cost,” explains Miriam Faude, Product Manager at BINDER. “Thanks to the casters, the units are also extremely mobile and can be transported easily as required.”

Particularly within the pharmaceutical industry, medicines are subjected to comprehensive stability testing as part of experimental studies to determine the shelf life. The procedure for completing shelf-life tests is specified in detail for pharmaceutical companies by the guidelines of the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH). With regard to storage, there is a clear distinction between accelerated shelf-life testing and long-term tests. The latter involves placing pharmaceuticals or active agents in climate chambers for a period of months and subjecting them to various climatic conditions depending on the consumer region. The most essential consideration here is to ensure homogeneous climatic conditions across the test specimens, as well as maximum unit reliability during continuous operation. KBF constant climate chambers are the specialist equipment of choice when it comes to precise stability tests under climate conditions that are kept constant for an extended period. The latest generation of innovative APT.line preheating chamber technology guarantees a high level of temperature accuracy – even under full load – as well as outstanding temperature variation. What's more, it also provides reliable protection against condensation. And as the reinforced inner chamber and all fixtures are made of stainless steel, there is no risk of electrochemical corrosion. When storing pharmaceuticals for stability testing, specific in-country climatic conditions are taken into account and, depending on the relevant application, some of the tests are even carried out under controlled moisture conditions. As the KBF has a capacitive humidity sensor and responsive system humidification, this guarantees precise humidification and finely adjustable humidity control within the unit. Furthermore, the unit is extremely flexible with regard to the water supply. If the water quality is acceptable, the unit can be connected directly to the household water system. However, if the water quality is unacceptable, there is also the option of using the BINDER PURE AQUA Service water treatment system. This system processes faucet water and demineralizes it. There is also the option of attaching an external water supply set so that the unit is not dependent on the water supply and installation location.