Technical Support

Help and advice – for efficient laboratory processes


Does your BINDER simulation chamber need servicing or repairing? Our technical experts know the entire product range like the back of their hand and can give you expert advice on any of your technical questions. And if there is an issue, they can provide a quick solution to your problem. This means you are always in safe hands and can get back to work again quickly.


BINDER's immediate help guide is there whenever you need it. This new tool will ask you targeted questions to help you identify a fault quickly and resolve the problem yourself.

Our BINDER technical experts are also happy to help you personally at any time.


As an alternative to the online support, you can send us an e-mail or get in touch with a BINDER technical expert via our Service Hotline. Please make sure you have all of the necessary information ready so that we can process your request as quickly as possible. This is really easy when you use the support form – using your information, we can identify the problem more precisely in advance and can send you a prompt, specific response on how to solve it.