„Made in Germany“ – 100% final inspection

January 2015 Made in Germany – 100% final inspection

BINDER leaves nothing to chance: Series production machines undergo a 100% final inspection



As many as 180 BINDER chambers come off the production line every day in the production halls of BINDER GmbH in Tuttlingen. The component parts come from the punching and bending areas via the welding and prefabrication areas, finally meeting up in final assembly. This is where things that fit together come together. Housings, inner chambers, doors, controllers, and sensors become a single unit here. Dominated by the colors light gray and red, the chambers are difficult to distinguish from one another at first glance. But different technologies can be found backing each product line. Serial production, which is BINDER GmbH's specialty, is unique in the plant. This process precisely aligns the individual process steps, optimizing every movement. This production process and a 100% final inspection guarantee BINDER GmbH's demanding quality requirements are met.
For this reason, not a single chamber leaves the factory in Tuttlingen before it has been tested from top to bottom. Incubator, heating chamber, ultralow temperature freezer, or climate chamber—every BINDER chamber undergoes a meticulous quality-assurance inspection. A detailed inspection sheet is attached to each unit as it rolls off the line to ensure a painstaking final inspection. The inspection sheet adheres to the DIN EN 61010-1 standard of the VDE (the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) and specifies the guidelines of the general safety regulations for electrical measuring, control, regulation and laboratory devices. Each unit is tested step by step in accordance with the instructions for the safety regulations, and the results are documented explicitly. During this process, various parameters are tested and recorded in a database. In addition, a high-voltage test is performed at 1400 volts to test the chamber's high-voltage stability, PE resistance, and insulation resistance. Other technical features such as gas connections, humidification, and sensors are also tested at various stations. "By fully documenting each individual chamber, we can vouch for fault-free operation at any time," explains Andreas Funck, team leader for final inspections. Every eventuality is taken into consideration during testing in order to locate and eliminate possible faults.
Only when the unit meets all inspection requirements will it make its way to the customer. BINDER GmbH remains true to its commitment “Made in Germany” through its 100% final inspection. Top quality, precision and reliability are always foremost in the consciousness of the premium provider.