Progress based on tradition

Premium products from a technological leader

Our promise is to provide you with the "best conditions for your success". This is also what drives us to meet our customers' high expectations precisely, or even exceed these, with excellent climate chambers. The company founder, Peter M. Binder, laid the foundation for this with the development of the BINDER hot air sterilizer, a first on the market at the time. What's more, as a leading laboratory technology expert, we also played a significant role in shaping the progress of environmental simulation. We have forged our own paths with our technologies – we have developed cutting-edge products which make laboratory processes noticeably more efficient today and will continue to do so in the future.


Innovation starting at the factory

We at BINDER have always placed great value on research and development and we continue to invest heavily in this area today – currently around 9% of our revenue. That figure is above average, as is the number of engineers, technicians, and specialists employed in our modern research and development center (FEZ). We employ people that specialize in refrigeration, control, and regulation technology, in light, humidity, and climate simulation, and in software and hardware development for our future technologies. They work hand in hand with their colleagues at our production plant at our Tuttlingen site.


Customer requirements form the foundation

Here at BINDER, we see ourselves as a partner and innovator for scientific and industrial laboratories. Our patents and innovations are developed in the FEZ through active discussions with users and based on market investigations and market analyses. We develop ideas, test prototypes, and then bring perfected concepts into series production – all in close collaboration with renowned establishments and institutes. In doing so, we are not simply continuing to further optimize our tried-and-tested environmental simulation chambers, we are also developing groundbreaking product innovations that benefit our customers.


Man looks at CAD drawing of a BINDER chamber displayed on the computer monitor
Getting ahead with BINDER laboratory technologies
  • APT.line™ Unique tempering principle with Advanced Preheating Technology
  • SynergyLight™ Illumination cassette with special lamps
  • Light Quantum Control™ LQC Precise light intensity measurement using special 3D ball-type sensors
  • PERMADRY™ Controlled humidity system in BINDER CO2 incubators
  • GUARD.CONTROL™ Personalized access control based on RFID technology

Every BINDER environmental simulation chamber is a result of our passion for groundbreaking technologies which offer noticeable benefits when dealing with the daily challenges in the laboratory.