Opening up new possibilities

We are part of the whole

As a company, BINDER supports challenging laboratory and research work with outstanding environmental simulation chambers. As well as our international core business, we also do our bit for the region and the community. We believe that life is only worthwhile when the values of cooperation play a significant role. We support projects involving art, culture, and sport, and are committed to the environment, research, and training specialists for the long term. With our total commitment, our aim is to be a role model for people who believe that their personal development is important, as well as the future of the economy and our country.

BINDER Innovation Prize

Since 1998, the Innovation Prize, supported by BINDER, has been awarded annually by the Germany Society for Cell Biology (DGZ). It is awarded for outstanding work in basic cell biology research. With our commitment, we support progress in the life sciences and strengthen our close cooperation with science and research in the long term, especially as BINDER environmental simulation chambers play such a pivotal role in cell cultivation.




BINDER environmental responsibility

For over 30 years, we have been offering our customers more and more when it comes to first-class performance. When it comes to the environment, however, we follow the motto "less is more". Ecology and protecting resources do not just determine the development and production of our environmental simulation chambers, but also all of our corporate activities.



BINDER social responsibility

As an active part of the community, we enjoy passing our strengths on to others. We support people who cannot help themselves or can only do so to a limited extent. We promote health, learning, and education, and put a real emphasis on promoting the training of specialists. The following projects are examples of our commitment.


Dianiño – rapid assistance for children with diabetes.

BINDER GmbH is an official sponsor of Dianiño. The foundation helps diabetic children living in difficult circumstances. With their network of experienced helpers, Dianiño ensures that children are cared for and supported in emergencies and crises. This prevents both the acute and the subsequent consequences from juvenile diabetes.


Tuttlingen Campus – for a site with a future.

BINDER is the main pioneer and a significant sponsor of the Tuttlingen Campus, which was launched in 2005. Mentor programs, internships, and outhouse labs installed especially for the students in the company provide the best possible prospects for the specialists of tomorrow.