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Individual extras for your simulation chamber

BINDER INDIVIDUAL makes it possible. Even though the BINDER portfolio contains an incredibly wide variety of products and equipment options, some highly specific customer requirements still cannot be met by a device manufactured in series production. We can, however, adapt these devices to fit your individual requirements profile.





Individual solutions to meet your unique requirements



The capability of BINDER INDIVIDUAL is based on BINDER simulation chambers, which consistently offer outstanding “made in Germany” quality.
In our BINDER INDIVIDUAL department at the Tuttlingen plant, we turn your unique requirements into reality. Be it stainless steel housing, special access ports, O₂ control or much more, we use a proven series production product to create your customized solution. This solution is developed by our experts and manufactured as a single unit or in small series production.








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Series production products offer guaranteed premium quality.   With accessories and equipment options, series production products can be optimized for popular requirements profiles.   Highly specialized individual solutions are the result of the custom modification and enhancement of series production devices.
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Serienprodukt Sicherheitstrockenschrank
Seriengerät Sicherheitstrockenschrank mit Coil Coating Auszug
Sicherheitstrockenschrank mit Option Coil Coating Auszug
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Sicherheitstrockenschrank mit Teleskopschubladen

Your individual simulation chamber is born in personal conversations between you and the BINDER INDIVIDUAL experts.

Technical advisors, application specialists and engineers consult with you in detail about custom modifications to the series production device. This allows us to develop and execute a high-tech, cost-effective product within a very short period of time – tailored to your special requirements with renowned BINDER premium quality.






Benefits across the board



  • TIME-SAVING - individual solutions are based on BINDER series production devices that are kept in stock
  • RELIABLE - thanks to BINDER's premium "made in Germany" quality
  • ECONOMICAL - consulting, costing and proposals for solutions are free of charge
  • COMPLETELY STRESS-FREE - full warranty for the device including all enhancements
  • INNOVATIVE - integrated solutions thanks to individual technical consultations
  • FAST - device delivered about 6 – 8 weeks after order is placed
  • CONVINCING - execution of individual requirements is simple and affordable

Only four steps separate you and your special BINDER INDIVIDUAL solution







Your request is sent to us either directly or through a trade partner.
Here, simply let us know your specific requirements for the application
along with any concrete specifications, data etc.


Please use the request form at the bottom of the page.




The BINDER INDIVIDUAL experts will review your requirements, e.g. in
terms of optimal technical and economic feasibility. Here, they may suggest
an alternative solution while working very closely with you on every decision
that is made.



Once all the basic details have been taken care of, you will receive our offer.
It will include the description of the proposed solution, as well as the price
and delivery time.



If you decide to go ahead with our offer and give us your approval for the
mechanical drawings, we will begin the production process. Your custom extras
will be documented on a supplementary sheet in the operating instructions.
We will deliver your device approximately 6 – 8 weeks after the order is placed.


Individual extras

> Access ports (PDF) (168.44 kB)
> Dry-air purge (741.59 kB)
> Measuring device (461.54 kB)


Dynamic climate chamber with hand access ports

Model MKT 115

Wechselklimaschrank der Serie MKT mit Handdurchführungen


• Testing of rubber samples
• Work on the test material with the door closed
• Access ports with removable gloves
• Sealable openings



• Glass door

• 2 stainless steel hand access ports with glove attachment DN 140

• 2 silicone sealing plugs

• 1 pair of dry-box gloves made from neoprene

• 1 cover for hand access port area

• Simple removal of gloves


Added value

• Hand access ports enable work to be carried out on test material when door is closed
• Climate in the chamber and at the test objects remains unaffected
• Thanks to removable gloves and sealable openings, the full temperature range of the chamber can be utilized


Drying and heating chamber with stainless steel housing

Model FED 400

Trockenschrank der Serie FED 400 mit Edelstahlgehäuse


• Complete stainless steel version to meet strict hygiene standards of food industry

• Stainless steel housing 1.4301

Added value

• Compliance with hygiene standards of the food industry
• Excellent corrosion protection


Cooling incubator with special light

Model KB 115

Kühlinkubator der Serie KB individualisiert mit Schwarzlicht


• Version of a 115-liter device with illumination cassettes for various light spectrums: black light, daylight
• Space-saving mounting of lamps
• Illumination on 2 shelf levels



• Two 9 W lamps
• One lamp integrated into the ceiling
• Second illumination cassette mounted under the shelf to save space
• G 23 socket for all commercial lamps
• On/off switch on control panel


Added value

• Light test possible in small device
• Test objects can be illuminated on two shelves at the same time
• Shelf height remains variable


Constant climate chamber with 4 light sensors

Model KBF LQC 720

Konstantklimaschrank der Serie KBF LQC mit 4 Lichtsensoren


• Precise measurements with equal light quantities on each level
• 1 sensor under each illumination cassette
• Total of 4 illumination cassettes with sensor



• 4 VIS sensors in total, 1 sensor per level
• Second controller for visualizing light quantity on additional levels
• Fourth illumination cassette with separate power supply


Added value

• Measurement with exact light dosage for each level


Cooling incubator with auxiliary protective measures

Model MK 240

Wechselklimaschrank der Serie MK individualisiert mit zusätzlichen Schutzmaßnahmen für Performancetests




• Auxiliary protective measures
• Access ports for power and measuring cables



• Inert gas connection
• 2 cable access ports, each 100 mm, on left and right
• Second, independent, and permanently installed adjustable temperature safety device at 120 °C
• Limited to 120 °C on controller
• Heated pressure relief valve at top with 150 mm diameter
• Door-locking mechanism with 2 closing brackets on the side


Added value

• Auxiliary protective measures
• User-friendly operation
• Also suitable for aging tests


Material test chamber with status indication

Model M 400

Materialprüfschrank mit Statusmeldung
•    Clear display of process progress
•    Process must not be interrupted when door is opened
•    Functions should be programmable
•    Acoustic feedback
•    LED signal lights
•    Programmable control contacts
•    Electromechanical door-locking mechanism
•    Lockable controller with key
•    Acoustic signal via buzzer
  Added value
•    Reliable testing
•    Central monitoring of fault indications and temperature sensors
•    Reproducible test results



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