White paper: Cell cultivation without contamination

Hot-air sterilization and other contamination control measures in CO2 incubators – a comparison of concepts from the user's perspective

Contamination is a universal problem when working with cell cultures. Preventing contamination requires the use of proper sterile methods as well as careful handling of cultures. The CO2 incubator also plays an important role because it provides not only cell cultures but also many undesirable microbes with ideal growth conditions.

Accordingly, every good gassed incubator offers several features for preventing contamination. A judicious decision for the purchase of a CO2 incubator cannot, however, be made exclusively on the basis of the sum of its technical details. Instead, the overall systems and, in particular, the anti-contamination designs must be compared and

evaluated. This shows that complex systems are not intrinsically more safe than simple ones. It should be possible to reliably prevent contamination with the unit with speed and ease but without incurring high costs for consumables.

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Content of the white paper:

  • The importance of contamination control when working with cell cultures
  • Definition of terms: decontamination, disinfection, sterilization
  • Measures for avoiding contamination through CO2 incubators
  • Process reliability, efficiency and costs of various decontamination concepts
  • The BINDER design for minimizing the risk of contamination
  • Conclusions