CO2 incubators for the best cell growth

Cell cultivation is a complex, highly sensitive process that requires optimum and reproducible growth conditions. As CO2 incubators play a crucial role in this process, BINDER has developed units that meet the highest standards. Our CO2 incubators are impressively easy to use and clean, and their pioneering BINDER anti-contamination concept makes them stand out from the crowd.


Preventing contamination

CO2 incubators from BINDER provide ideal, reproducible growth conditions for cell cultures and guarantee minimum risk of contamination. The 180°C hot air sterilization reliably kills bacteria and spores, effectively performing a biological reset when each individual trial series is introduced.

Interior conditions have to remain clean while cell cultivation is taking place, so the deep-drawn, seamless, stainless steel inner chamber and the rounded corners in the interior ensure that cleaning BINDER CO2 incubators is effortless. The rounded flanges that serve as a shelf support system mean that there are no corners where hidden contamination could accumulate.


Fixtures such as fans, air baffle plates, and filters have been omitted deliberately, staying true to the BINDER motto – less is more. The fanless interior means that germs cannot spread through the air, preventing contamination of the cell cultures.

Another important part of the anti-contamination concept is the humidity limitation, which prevents contamination occurring even if humidity levels are high. The cold spot on the base of the chamber represents the coolest point in the interior and is located in the water pan. Excessive humidity can condense here without settling elsewhere in the inner chamber. This keeps the interior walls dry and prevents mold from forming.

Stable pH values

With the BINDER CO2 incubators, homogeneous gas distribution and quick mixing by the gas mixing head with Venturi effect ensure steady pH values. Responsive measurement without drift and the CO2 measurement system with its infrared sensor technology also play a part in keeping the pH values constant at all times.

The models in the CB and CBF series are equipped with a CO2 sensor that can be sterilized with hot air and can therefore remain in the unit during hot air sterilization.

An outstanding feature of the BINDER CO2 incubators is the patented CO2 fail-safe system that protects the pH value of the cell cultures. In the event of a sensor failure, underexposure or overexposure to CO2 is prevented and the CO2 concentration is maintained in a range that enables the cell cultures to survive.

BINDER CO2 incubators

The CO2 incubators from BINDER are available in three different series, all of which contain a combination of outstanding features that make them indispensable tools for cell cultivation.


  • Tried-and-tested anti-contamination concept with 180°C hot air sterilization
  • Seamless inner chamber made of stainless steel with flanges as shelf support system
  • Fanless interior with Venturi CO₂ gas mixing nozzle
  • Internal data logger, measured values can be read out in open format via USB
  • Troubleshooting system with visual and acoustic alarms
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, zero-voltage alarm contact

It is essential to choose a CO2 incubator that is exactly right for you, based on what your specific needs are. Take a look at our comprehensive overview of the BINDER CO2 incubator series here.

The solid performer

Durable & affordable – with 180°C hot air sterilization for standard cell cultivation, cell production, and academic institutions.

CB-S series | With hot air sterilization


  • Humidification system with condensation protection
  • CO₂ sensor with single-beam infrared technology


  • Available sizes:
    • CB-S 170 (170L)
    • CB-S 260 (267L)


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The all-rounder

Powerful & versatile – with hot air sterilization and a sterilizable sensor for cell-based assays, drug research, and medical research.

CB series | With hot air sterilization and heat sterilizable CO2 sensor


  • Optimized double-pan humidification system with condensation protection
  • Hot-air sterilizable CO₂ sensor with single-beam infrared technology
  • Fail-safe CO₂ system for protecting the pH of cell cultures


  • Available sizes:
    • CB 56 (53 L)
    • CB 170 (170 L)
    • CB 260 (267 L)

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The best-in-class choice 

A high-end solution – with additional humidity control for the GMP environment, stem cell research, and cell and gene therapy.

CBF series | With hot air sterilization and humidity control


  • Contamination-safe humidification system without water pan
  • Hot-air sterilizable CO₂ sensor with single-beam infrared technology
  • Fail-safe CO₂ system for protecting the pH of cell cultures


  • Available sizes:
    • CBF 170 (170 L)
    • CBF 260 (267 L)

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