Options & Accessories

The ideal optional features for your test chamber


We offer our customers a comprehensive selection of options and accessories for BINDER temperature, climate and environmental simulation chambers. You will find a complete list of all options and accessories suitable for each of our products on the respective series and model pages.




Data Logger Kits


Data Logger Kit



Data Logger Kits make independent recording of temperature and humidity data in the BINDER unit possible. The tailored product solution contains helpful accessories: from mounting the logger to the BINDER unit to cable access assistance to the sensor mount.








Dry-air purge


Dry-air purge



The dry-air purge used in combination with a BINDER MK, MKF, MKT or MKFT series dynamic climate chamber is suitable for simulating a dry and cool climate. The climate diagrams of the MKF and MKFT series with humidity control are extended and the simulation of common automobile standards is possible.











BINDER PURE AQUA SERVICE is used to treat or fully desalinate tap water if the water quality is insufficient. The ion exchange system consists of a housing, an integrated filter cartridge and a filter head. The digital quality-monitoring system is integrated in the filter head of the BINDER PURE AQUA SERVICE and uses 10 LEDs to display the current operating condition of the filter medium.







Vacuum module with pump

for VD und VDL series






Your BINDER vacuum drying chamber is available with an ideally matched vacuum pump in a separate vacuum module. This reduces the noise level by 50% and makes it considerably easier to access the vacuum chamber. Setup is conceivably simple because the associated kit contains all the connections you need.

> Series VD | Vacuum drying chambers for non-flammable solvents 
> Series VDL | Vacuum drying chambers for flammable solvents





Stacking variants for CO2 incubators    


Stacking variants for CO2 incubators



With the selection of stacking adapters and racks, it is possible to position and stack BINDER CO2 incubators from the and safely.






Copper option as accessory




Copper accessories as a safety feature in addition to the BINDER anti-contamination concept.


The BINDER anti-contamination concept is characterized by the following main features:


  1. Sterilization program with 180 °C hot air – “biological reset” option
  2. No forced convection in the interior to avoid direct airborne germ contamination
  3. Humidity management to avoid contamination caused by condensation on the interior walls
  4. No corners, edges, or fixtures (except shelves, wire rack, and water pan) for convenient cleaning and disinfection of the incubator chamber

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LED light bar sets


LED strip light sets

The LED light bar sets are suitable for illumination of the interior of BINDER climate chambers from different series and sizes with low light intensities. They are easy to install and can be positioned flexibly. The light bars are available in three different lengths (30, 50, 90 cm) as basic set with attachment material and control unit. Two additional light bars can be connected to the control unit with an expansion set.








Shaker for CO2 incubators  (CB 160 and CB 220)


Shaker for BINDER CO2 incubators

The BINDER CO2 shaker is the newly developed, high-quality solution for the incubation of suspension cell cultures in CO2 incubators. Through the exclusive use of corrosion-resistant components in the stainless steel housing, the CO2   shaker is especially suited for gassed incubators with increased CO2  concentrations and nearly saturated air humidity. The “Universal” version is suitable for all CO2 incubators also without access port while the “Professional” version is specifically designed for the with the electric access port option. Leaks and condensation with this solution are uncompromisingly prevented.