Various applications and various options

October 2019 With its quick access option, BINDER is one step ahead

One, two, or three?


With its new “quick sample access” feature for CO2 incubators, BINDER has come up with something really special for users. Through the new option, the Tuttlingen-based manufacturer of simulation chambers wants to offer researchers in cell culture labs an even better recipe for success in their work.


Cell cultures are often incubated in a BINDER-CO2 incubator for a period of several days or even weeks. For this, they need an appropriate growth atmosphere comprising the following elements: temperature (generally 37°C), CO2 content (generally 5 vol. %), and high humidity (more than 90% RH). However, this ideal environment gets disturbed every time the door is opened.


“Quick sample access” now opens up brand-new possibilities for laboratory staff. For example, they can let their standard cell cultivation run its course while simultaneously carrying out short incubation processes for tests or assays behind the quick access window – without any significant impact on the incubation of the remaining cells.  The window is large enough for samples to be added or removed but small enough to prevent too much of the artificially created atmosphere from escaping. The new option allows you to combine standard laboratory work processes while optimizing the work that is already successfully underway at the laboratory thanks to BINDER.


Another new option from BINDER is the 6-part inner door. Behind each of the six small glass doors, there is a pull-out shelf allowing several batches to be safely processed separately from one another. This option is likely to benefit laboratory staff multitasking on a single unit.


Meanwhile, users who are responsible for incubating a large number of cells (i.e., where it is primarily a question of producing new cell cultures in large quantities) will find that the spacious CB 170 with the standard glass door and without quick access is perfect for their needs.


Thanks to the new options, BINDER can offer you the right chamber for any application.