BINDER plays a role in the development of a coronavirus vaccine

March 2020 Im Kampf gegen Corona
Im Kampf gegen Corona

BINDER chambers assist top-flight institutes in the development of a coronavirus vaccine


Biopharmaceutical company Curevac, based in the German town of Tübingen, is working at full pace to develop a vaccine that will combat coronavirus. The business has officially stated that it has made significant strides in identifying a remedy against the disease, about which much is still unknown.


Curevac has already made a name for itself in cancer research. According to Friedrich von Bohlen, CEO of affiliated company Dievini, “clinical tests on humans could be launched as early as the summer” – but he adds that efforts to accelerate the process will be ramped up if the pandemic continues to spread as dramatically as it already has.


A Curevac employee has confirmed that the company is using BINDER chambers in its coronavirus research, in much the same way as has already been seen in a maximum-biosafety laboratory in Bern, Switzerland. Specifically, Curevac is using standard incubators, cooling incubators, and CO2 incubators from BINDER as indispensable tools in the process of developing a vaccine, and has equipped its research laboratory with a whole range of BINDER chambers – all made in Tuttlingen.


The signs from the company are already promising. If its hard work pays off, it believes that a vaccine could enter production in just a short time. “As things stand, Curevac would be in a position to produce more than 100 million doses of the vaccine per year,” says Friedrich von Bohlen.


But Curevac is not the only place working on a solution to combat the terrible disease. The Berliner Charité university hospital is also making progress in this direction under the leadership of virologist Christian Drosten, Director of the hospital’s Institute of Virology. Yet again, BINDER chambers are part
of the equipment being used to achieve this outcome.


The Tuttlingen company could offer a silver lining through the role it is playing in bringing the pandemic to an end.