Battery tests in cooling incubators

December 2019 Successful battery testing

Battery manufacturers rely on BINDER chambers


Large-scale automotive groups like Daimler and VW have begun turning their attention to electric cars, which run on batteries. With this mode of transport growing in popularity, it comes as no surprise that more and more companies are now also setting up their own plants for manufacturing batteries. VW’s Salzgitter plant is one such example.


Batteries have significant challenges to conquer – they need to be durable, powerful, and able to withstand any temperature they are faced with. Increasingly, BINDER KB cooling incubators are becoming the method of choice for putting these small power packs through their paces. The KB series provides multi-talented equipment with an extensive temperature range of 5°C to 100°C, putting its models in high demand. Combined with the P (Performance) package, the KB series is ideal for batteries that may present risks when they undergo testing – which is the case for most batteries. This variant is in particularly high demand among customers because of the comprehensive safety it delivers.


With an exhaust air connection and pressure relief valve, two door clips, and an additional temperature limiter on hand, you can be assured of a safe environment no matter what kind of battery you are testing. Choose a BINDER chamber for your battery tests and be safe in the knowledge that you’re benefiting from a premium-quality product.


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