The new vacuum drying chamber has even more to offer

June 2020 Smart options

Vacuum drying chambers: Choose the right option for successful applications


The new VD and VDL vacuum drying chambers offer exceptionally good value for money. BINDER also offers numerous additional options to ensure that the many and varied customer requirements are met. This makes it possible to provide users with precisely the kind of vacuum drying chamber that they need. Here, we present our top three options.


In first place: An “analog signal” for pharmaceutical companies that are subject to GLP or GMP regulations. This function allows pressure and temperature data to be issued and documented via a signal. The only requirement for this is an electrical connection. This option makes quality assurance a walk in the park.


In second place: The sealing chamber made of fluorine and rubber material. This option is suitable for users who dry special chemicals that are not compatible with stainless steel and that must not come into contact with silicone. Here, too, BINDER has found a technical way of getting around this problem and offering even more than is required in standard use.


In third place: The BINDER pump. With the VD, two different sizes are available, offering the optimum benefits depending on application and use. This means that they can be perfectly adapted to the chamber and its requirements. The pumps are quiet, reliable, resistant to chemicals, and can also be changed easily. In the fall, BINDER will also be introducing an ATEX-compliant pump for the VDL to the market.


Thanks to these and other options, users have a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to using a vacuum drying chamber – so they can enjoy their work to the full.