Rotary club impressed by BINDER

April 2019 Keen interest

Rotarians are impressed by BINDER


It is well known that BINDER's mission is to improve people’s health and safety. The Donaueschingen Rotary club, just like Tuttlingen-based BINDER, also have a keen interest in people and their health, so it came as no surprise that the club members wanted to take a closer look at the global market leader.


The Rotary club, which is based in a town at the source of the Danube, supports a whole host of social projects, some of which address the question of health. This is why the Rotarians wanted to find out everything they could about simulation chambers on their trip to BINDER. The 20 Rotarians arrived at BINDER full of anticipation and were clearly impressed by the company’s premises from the moment they stepped inside. Head of Human Resources Uwe Werner and HR manager Olivia Wetzel were on hand to welcome the group.


Jochen Bollaender, Head of Research & Development, gave a presentation to introduce the Rotarians to the world of BINDER. Karl Heim, the current president of the Rotary club in Donaueschingen, took the opportunity to ask some questions. The longstanding mayor, Dr Bernhard Everke, and the IMS Gear chairman, Dieter Lebzelter, were also among the guests.


Thomas Luippold, the COMPETENCE FACTORY project manager, accompanied the group into the COMPETENCE FACTORY. Here, the Rotarians were able to see how modern BINDER’s set-up is and how central automation is to the production process at BINDER.


Things were put into more concrete terms under the guidance of Christian Schäfer in the LEAN FACTORY. Staff worked deftly to assemble punched and curved components and turn them into beautiful BINDER chambers. The Rotarians also found out that BINDER chambers can be used to grow cell cultures or test the durability of car parts. The simulation chambers are even used to test new cancer drugs.


The Rotary club members were able to see for themselves that BINDER produces a meaningful product that benefits humanity. During the final discussion in the Casino restaurant, Karl Heim took to the floor to thank BINDER staff for their hospitality and for .


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