Girls get a taste of life at BINDER

April 2019 Girls’ Day at BINDER

Five girls show off their skills at Girls’ Day


As part of Germany’s nationwide Girls’ Day initiative, BINDER welcomed five teenage girls who impressed the staff with their enthusiasm and engagement. The aim of the day was to give the girls an insight into traditionally “male” careers involving technology and engineering.


Over the course of the day, Alyssa Jeanette Melzer, Amelie Pichler, Mira Wetzel, Pia Schaible, and Sabrina Schilling quickly discovered how enjoyable technical jobs can be – and that they are definitely not just for boys. Under the direction of Training Managers Timo Haag and Robert Pejakic as well as the current BINDER trainees, the girls were introduced to the various machines in the new training workshop. Their enjoyment was clear to see as they had a go at milling, turning, and drilling. And this wasn’t just for fun: they had been given the task of making an aluminum clock complete
with pen holders in just one day.


BINDER trainee Valentin Thiel was paired up with Mira Wetzel and introduced her to the art of drilling. After watching for only a few minutes, Mira was able to machine the first component herself. She proved to be a natural, and clearly relished the experience: “It’s really interesting to have a chance to find out about these kinds of jobs.”


Once they had finished drilling, the girls went on to learn about the milling process. Training Manager Timo Haag was impressed by their skills: “Our guests demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm and talent. It would be great if some of them were to come and train with us at BINDER in the future.”


There were happy faces all round at the end of the BINDER taster day: After lunch in the Casino restaurant and a tour of the company, the girls were allowed to take their clocks home with them.