The new CB 56: Small but powerful

February 2021 Fits into any space

The new CO2 incubator: smaller and better than ever before


The new CB 56 may have shrunk in size, but its equipment is still the same. And despite its smaller dimensions, the usable space remains unchanged as well.


This practical, powerful chamber, which is used for cell cultivation, can be installed in laboratories of any size – even if space is limited, there is bound to be room for the CB 56 from BINDER. Furthermore, the silicone heating jacket ensures the right climate – in every part of the chamber. Once again, BINDER provides the best conditions for your success. The new, more compact CB 56 from BINDER is easier to use and even more powerful than before. The chamber is an absolute must for those who only cultivate cells occasionally or who incubate small batches, but do not want to compromise on precision and quality.


The CB 56 is quiet, reliable, and accurate. This means that you can leave it to get on with its work by itself while you concentrate on more important tasks.


And that's not all: The new CB 56 features the same new CO2 sensor as its larger counterparts, which can remain in the chamber during hot air sterilization at 180°C and can be easily replaced with no need for tools. The incubator is also equipped with a small, handy water pan – which provides improved humidity performance and is half the size of its predecessor – and a convenient touchscreen controller.


Last but not least, the fanless CB 56 features BINDER's unique anti-contamination concept, ensuring that you and your cells are in safe hands at all times. We can help you achieve the best conditions for your success today – why wait?