BINDER chambers still reaching customers within just two days

March 2020 BINDER production continues to run smoothly

Production at BINDER running smoothly: Crisis anticipated weeks ago


BINDER production continues to run smoothly. Together with the purchasing department and all other production employees, Benjamin Jeuthe – Vice President of Operations – took measures several weeks ago to ensure that production is assured for the near future.  “We ordered all the necessary components that we don’t produce ourselves well ahead of time,” he said.


There are some components that are not currently available, he added: These are normally produced for BINDER by the organization “Lebenshilfe” in Tuttlingen, a workshop for people with disabilities. “Unfortunately, “Lebenshilfe” has closed due to coronavirus, but we can currently produce these parts ourselves,” said the Head of Production. As soon as the crisis is over, however, the company intends to support “Lebenshilfe” again by placing orders with it.


Fortunately, BINDER’s production employees are all in good health and keen to help BINDER get through the crisis as a team. “We don’t have a higher number of sickness-related absences than normal,” said Jeuthe, adding that the many hygiene measures that BINDER has put in place, particularly in production, have paid off. “All door handles are disinfected regularly, workstations have been spaced out, and employees who come into contact with suppliers wear face masks,” he said.


Furthermore, he stated that the warehouse is well stocked, meaning that customers in Germany will receive their new BINDER chambers within just two days. “Our chambers are urgently needed for coronavirus research, and we can assure laboratories that our products are available and will arrive where they are needed within just two days,” said Jeuthe, before adding: “BINDER will do all it can to support the development of a vaccine.”