Consistent and active humidification

September 2019 Best conditions

CO2 incubator: “the best on the market”


The CB 170 CO2 incubator from BINDER has many strengths. Product Manager Dr. Jens Thielmann even believes: “It is the best on the market.” There are two reasons for this: Number one, the new CB has
an active humidification option, and number two, it features natural convection, which means even air distribution within the simulation chamber.


This means the CB 170, which is manufactured in Tuttlingen in Germany, has a perfect anti-contamination concept.  It is no wonder then that more and more customers arebeing won over by the incubator. This is how it works: The cell cultures are placed in a liquid culture medium. It is important that the liquid which contains the cells does not evaporate, and the best way to achieve this is by maintaining 95 percent humidity in the simulation chamber. The humidity saturated with water vapor prevents the liquid surrounding the cells from evaporating.


BINDER GmbH has found the perfect solution for active humidification: A connected water bag and a pump, which carries water to the steam generator, regulate the active humidification.
The customer even has the option of replacing the bag and hose themselves. The advantage is that there is no longer a water pan inside the incubator. This has resulted in the contamination risk being further reduced to virtually zero. BINDER’s even air distribution also has the advantage of having no fan to stir up spores.


With the new CB 170, the user can work safely and also look forward to successful results in the field of cell cultivation. Those who work with cells need the best conditions because nothing is more sensitive than the incubation of cell cultures.