BINDER customers benefit from ATEX protection

April 2020 Playing it safe with BINDER

BINDER vacuum drying chambers receive ATEX compliant


The ATEX directive refers to the set of regulations that the European Union prescribes for explosion protection measures and serves the dual purpose of satisfying policy-makers’ desire for uniform safety standards and eliminating trade barriers. Another positive aspect of the directive is that ATEX approvals are even accepted in numerous countries outside Europe. ATEX certification can be granted not only to locations with an explosive atmosphere, but also to units or individual components.


To take one example from practice involving simulation chambers, BINDER is the only manufacturer that is able to offer ATEX-certified vacuum drying chambers. This achievement is based on the fact that triggering an explosion always relies on three components being present: oxygen, a source of ignition and a flammable substance. BINDER’s vacuum drying chambers use an ATEX-compliant pump to extract oxygen from inside the chamber – eliminating a vital element in creating an explosion. Within this enclosed system, the flammable solvent can also be captured in the piston of the ATEX pump, making it possible to reuse it. With ATEX certification that meets the very highest standards of safety, the VDL vacuum drying chamber from BINDER is the perfect choice for applications involving work with hazardous solvents.


In the event that an explosion does occur unexpectedly, the VDL also features a door with double protection – another example of BINDER’s commitment to its mission of “supporting the safety and health of humanity”. This feature helps reduce the risks faced by people, machinery, and plants to a minimum.


Proof of the chambers’ ATEX certification can also be found directly on the type plate attached to the side of the equipment, showing the Ex classification code in line with 2014/34/EU. Certificates are issued by the service provider TÜV SÜD, which also performs regular reviews.