The power unit from BINDER

August 2018 The new CB 170 is here

The new CB 170: Smaller, yet mightier


The , available now, is even better and more practical than before. The upgraded CB 170 still boasts all the familiar strengths of BINDER incubators, but now offers additional new features as well. R&D engineers conducted in-depth customer surveys and used their results to create a real power unit.


The new addition to the BINDER family is user-friendly too; the chamber height has been reduced by five centimeters, even as the interior has been enlarged to 170 liters. Also innovative and new is the heating technology. The incubator retains the same great performance it had before, but the inner chamber is now heated directly by a customized silicone-jacket heating system, which has the same footprint and creates more space. Humidity management has been optimized too, with the humidifying water being forced to evaporate once the door is opened, leading to shorter humidity recovery times. The new DuoDoor system is yet another practical feature. This invention, which is patent pending, enables both doors to be opened simultaneously, so the chamber can be loaded or unloaded faster. But if a user prefers to open the doors individually, that is still possible too.


Another first is that the user can even replace the CO2 sensor himself or herself and without tools if required. The CB 170 comes in two different option models, according to the customer's needs. Oxygen control is also available in two versions: with O2 suppression from 0.2 to 20 vol.% O2 and as a true tri-gas incubator for 10 to 95% O2 .


The customer still benefits from all the incubator's previous strengths, such as auto-sterilization at 180 °C, and it goes without saying that also on board is the intuitive touchscreen controller, which has already proven its worth on other BINDER units in the field. The CB 170 provides optimum growth conditions for a range of cell culture applications. It minimizes the risk of contamination and has a chamber with corrugated sides and no rack frame, so is easy to clean. Plus, thanks to its low running costs, the new makes for a sound investment. Last but not least, users will be delighted at just how convenient the product is to use.