BINDER giving away the BINDER WORLD for Christmas

December 2017 The new BINDER WORLD is here!

Be excited!

The new BINDER WORLD is available now! We, the editorial team, have come up with some new ideas to give you an impression of BINDER. The inauguration of the COMPETENCE FACTORY was most certainly the high point for BINDER this year. But the good cooperation among the employees is also a topic in our new issue. In addition, the reader will find an entertaining guessing game with the popular scented calendars as prizes. Don’t miss the new BINDER WORLD!




Christmas special

BINDER St. Nicholas competition


Find the BINDER St. Nicholas on our website and win one of our highly coveted BINDER scented calendars. Tell us the size of the new simulation chambers where the BINDER St. Nicholas is hiding and send your answer at the latest by December 18, 2017, to: [email protected]

The winners out of the lottery game in the BINDER WORLD MAGAZINE have been chosen. Angelina W., Gerhard F., Ursula A., Juliane M. und Jin-Tao W. can look forward receiving their fragrant calendar. It will be sent out immediately.


The BINDER WORLD team would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2018!

We look forward to providing you with exciting topics in the coming year as well.


Till then!


Best wishes