Custom-made rotating shakers

April 2017 Rotating shaker accessory

Rotating shaker for suspension cell cultures in the CO2 incubator


Since April 1, bespoke shakers have been available as an accessory for BINDER CO2 incubators. These are required to ensure optimum incubation of non-adherent cells.



Since April 1, BINDER has offered CO2 shakers as an optional accessory for CO2 incubators with a capacity of 150 L and greater. These shakers are used to incubate non-adherent cells – also known as suspension cell cultures.  Unlike adherent cells, which only grow on surfaces, cells which are suspended in a liquid medium must be agitated constantly to prevent them from sinking. BINDER acquires the rotating CO2 shakers, which are custom-made for the company, directly from Edmund Bühler GmbH, a renowned laboratory equipment manufacturer. The shaker platform measures 375 mm x 375 mm and fits in all CO2 incubators from the CB series with an interior measuring 150 L and greater. The CO2 shaker, which is placed in the inner chamber, is controlled and supplied with power via a controller located outside the incubator. The two components are usually connected with a round cable. “Here, we are confronted with a problem. Routing the cable through a conventional hole access port encourages condensation to form in the interior, which in turn results in a high risk of contamination,” explains Biologist Dr. Jens Thielmann, Product Manager at BINDER. BINDER offers two special solutions to keep this risk as low as possible. With the universal variant, the shaker and controller are connected using a special flat cable, which is routed between the seal and door without causing the problems specified above. With the “Professional” variant, the shaker is almost integrated into the incubator: The controller and shaker cables have LEMO connectors, which are connected via a gas-tight electric access port. This electric access port is available as an option for the BINDER and consists of LEMO sockets, which are electrically connected, in the inner chamber and on the rear panel of the housing.

As only high-quality materials and stainless-steel components are used, the CO2 shaker is non-corrosive, even in conditions where carbonic acid is present and with a high level of humidity in the unit. With a maximum heat output of 4 watts, the conditions in the CO2 incubator remain constant, even when the shaker is running.

To minimize the potential contamination area and cleaning efforts, the inner chamber of BINDER CO2 incubators is made of deep-drawn stainless steel with rounded corners and the inner surfaces of the chamber are reduced to a minimum.


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