BINDER INDIVIDUAL meets special customer requests

July 2018 Purpose-built products for customers

At BINDER, the customer is king


The BINDER product range offers absolute top quality and leaves nothing to be desired. But if a user has an application with highly specific technical requirements that are not covered by series production, that is where the BINDER INDIVIDUAL group comes in.  It is part of the Research & Development (R&D) department and specializes in custom applications. Markus Armbruster leads the team that is only going to get busier as time goes by. After all, the trend in the industry is toward customized units that are perfectly tailored to the user's needs. And everything, from the initial inquiry through to planning and implementation, is done in-house at BINDER.


BINDER INDIVIDUAL receives a number of inquiries every month. "The initial process of writing up the individual requirements takes around three hours," says engineer Markus Armbruster. More experts from R&D are often called upon so they can work together and check that the proposed technical solutions really are feasible in practice. If the customer is happy with the proposal, that's when the redesign enters its critical phase. The industrious factory workers get a plan from the engineers, which they are able to produce 90 percent of just as it is. The remaining ten percent of adaptations depend on the unit itself, with both engineers and factory employees taking up tools together.


BINDER INDIVIDUAL makes it its business to listen closely to its customers every single day. If certain inquiries keep recurring time and time again, then product managers are contacted to check whether it would make sense to begin series production of those parts. "It is a really exciting job, no two days are the same," says Armbruster. He goes on to say how customer inquiries have thrown up some very interesting solutions already: "For example, we have installed a fire-extinguishing system and a central rotating skewer." A chamber with 23 access ports has been supplied in the past too.


BINDER INDIVIDUAL will find a solution to almost anything if it improves people's safety and health – that is BINDER's guiding principle.