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April 2016 Product registration

A clear advantage through product registration

BINDER product registration offers you a clear advantage. Following online registration, we offer you many additional services and valuable information – free of charge, quick, and easy.


The following scenarios are sure to ring a bell – you've bought a product but still need a little bit of information, would like to find out a price, or are interested in reading technical reports. But before you can access the information you want, you first have to enter your contact details on the homepage or send a request, both of which are a hassle and take time.
BINDER's product registration saves you all this effort. Once you have registered your climate chamber online, you will receive an exclusive customer account with us. This account offers you many additional services and valuable information. Free of charge, quick, and easy:

  • Easy to get in touch with us as your details are already entered into the form.
  • The BINDER recommended prices for products are visible.
  • Simple access to our white papers.


All this without re-registration. And this is how it works:

Simply enter the serial number of your BINDER climate chamber. You can find the product serial number on the label beneath the bar code. You will then receive your BINDER customer account and will be able to start enjoying the benefits free of charge.

Have we made you curious? Follow the link to access product registration.