BINDER CO2 incubators with rotating shakers are highly appreciated

January 2018 Positive feedback from users

CO2 incubators with rotating shakers prove their worth in the cell culture laboratory

BINDER is able to draw on the first reports from users of rotating shakers in CO2 incubators in the laboratory. And these are all positive. Scientists working with suspension cell cultures are impressed by the new BINDER system. The shaker placed in the inner chamber, which prevents the cells from undergoing sedimentation, is controlled and supplied with power via a controller located outside the incubator. Thanks to this technology, the temperature in the CO2 incubator can be kept at a constant 37 degrees without the risk of overheating. "Here, we are confronted with a problem. Routing the cable through a conventional hole access port encourages condensation to form in the interior, which in turn results in a high risk of contamination," reports Biologist Dr. Jens Thielmann, Product Manager at BINDER. The Tuttlingen-based company had considered two alternative ways of supplying the shaker with electricity without having any negative effects. As a universal solution, shakers and controllers are connected together by a special ribbon cable routed between the seal and the door. With the second solution, the "Professional" variant, controller and shaker cables have LEMO connectors, which are then connected electrically via a gas-tight electric access port. The shaker itself, which is made of corrosion-resistant components and enclosed in a stainless steel housing, can withstand even the toughest conditions in the CO2 incubator. With a maximum heat output of four watts, the conditions in the CO2 incubator remain constant, even when the shaker is running. The BINDER CO2 incubator with rotating shaker has proven its worth in practice with these advantages. For example, tests with blood cells and other suitable cell types could be carried out with great accuracy in the field of drug research using the new BINDER technology. But it is not only pharmaceutical companies that are making use of this technology; universities are also increasingly using the CO2 incubator with rotating shakers.


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