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December 2018 New overview page

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The BINDER Team has put together some useful links about simulation chambers for you. Covering individual product groups, this information is there for you to take advantage of in your applications.


Every day, the BINDER Team will deliver new information on a range of different topics – sometimes about applications or products, and sometimes about image. It will also provide fundamental insights that you’re bound to find useful again and again in your work. One such example is the user information page about our CO2 incubators, explaining ways of avoiding contamination – which, as all scientists who work with cells know, can have fatal consequences.


Our range of Buyer’s Guides reveal which BINDER chamber is the perfect fit for each application. These important links are also listed on our user-friendly new page and kept constantly up to date – in keeping with our aim to emphasize that the user is at the heart of everything we do here at BINDER. So make the most of this special service and keep checking back to see what information we’ve added – you’re bound to find valuable material that will help you in your day-to-day work.


You can now find out essential information about simulation chambers on our overview page.