Freezer with ultra low energy costs

November 2018 More money for other things

Top of the class for quality, equipment, and energy efficiency: the new freezer


You could be one of the first people to take possession of a new BINDER ultra freezer (UFV). The freezers are just coming off the production line and have undergone strict quality tests. We really are very proud of our new product.

The interior of the new UFV is made from premium quality stainless steel, making it both durable and rust-proof. Compared with other products in its class, the BINDER freezer has the best energy efficiency values.

As well as benefiting the environment, this avoids high energy costs in particular.


Users can also expect nothing but the very best in practical applications. When developing its new freezer , BINDER had its customers very much in mind.

As a unit that is used over periods of many years in the pharmaceuticals industry, in basic research, or in drug discovery, for example, the ultra low temperature freezer is capable of a very long service life. In this context, BINDER's achievement of the best energy efficiency values is bound to pay off every time. So how has the Tuttlingen-based company pulled this one off?

It’s primarily down to the development of a new sealing concept. The innovative heat insulation prevents the occurrence of thermal bridges and ice formation is all but absent. Yet there’s no door heating!


BINDER offers the UFV series with interior volumes of 500 liters (17.6 cu. ft.) or 700 liters (24.7 cu. ft.).