BINDER chambers create the ideal environment

June 2018 Less oxygen generates more growth

BINDER gassed incubators ensure perfect growth conditions


The current expert blog on the BINDER website focuses on the fascinating topic of cultivating in vitro mammal cells, which is not an easy task!


However, with the help of a BINDER CO2 chamber, it can be implemented successfully. Because what most people don't know is that many cell types actually grow particularly well in an environment with a low oxygen concentration. This is why BINDER technology is key: The CO2 incubator is equipped with a freely adjustable oxygen supply. And oxygen concentration plays a crucial role particularly in stem cell research. Hypoxia – in other words, a reduced oxygen concentration – is also suitable for working with primary cell and embryo cultures. However, reducing the oxygen content to a certain constant level in a controlled manner is a complex process. There are not many CO2 incubators that are able to do this. But BINDER incubators can!


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