New patroness for Dianiño foundation

January 2018 Dianiño foundation is pleased to announce

The Dianiño children's foundation is pleased to announce its new patroness, Elke Büdenbender


The Dianiño foundation, founded by Ingrid Binder, helps diabetic children facing difficult situations, after a diagnosis of serious illness, in social emergencies, to integrate into kindergarten and school. In particular, Dianiño also helps those children who have to live with diabetes without the support of a functioning family where they feel at home.


Dianiño is particularly grateful to Elke Büdenbender, the wife of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who will support the children's foundation as a patroness in future. According to the new patron, "When children fall ill with diabetes, it affects not only the child but also the whole family." "Dianiño and its volunteers provide quick and direct help in counselling after the diagnosis and they support the families until they are confident in dealing with the illness themselves. Dianiño also works for child refugees with diabetes – interpreters help with language problems and thus assist in gaining a better understanding of the disease. Dianiño makes it easier for many families throughout Germany to live with the disease . I am delighted to have taken over the patronage of this magnificent volunteer work, to which I am fully committed."