Pharmaceutical companies conduct stability testing in humidity test chambers

March 2021 Coronavirus vaccines

Shelf-life testing of coronavirus vaccines


Never before have vaccines been developed as rapidly as they have during the current coronavirus pandemic. Versions from companies including BioNTech and Pfizer are already on the market and the race is on to administer immunizations within as short a time frame as possible. But just how long is the shelf life of the different vaccine types?  That’s exactly the question that major pharmaceutical manufacturers are attempting to answer with the help of constant climate chambers from BINDER. As required by authorities, new drugs have to undergo stress tests and long-term tests.


Normally, it would take between ten and twenty years to develop a vaccine. But with the coronavirus crisis still ongoing, waiting that long is not an option given the high numbers of infections and deaths that the world is continuing to experience. Calls for vaccination campaigns to be rolled out rapidly are getting louder and louder.


Pharmaceutical companies are struggling to keep up with demand – but are still focused on the important issue of analyzing vaccine stability. Coronavirus vaccines will need to be administered for some time to come yet while continually being adapted to particular mutations in the virus. That’s where stability testing comes in, taking place in equipment such as KBF LQC constant climate chambers with ICH-compliant light source and light dose control.


So why has BINDER become the partner of choice for major pharmaceutical companies? One reason is that the chambers, produced in the German town of Tuttlingen, can be used to conduct tests in line with ICH guidelines. BINDER chambers also have a large interior, meaning that multiple samples can be subjected to stress tests at the same time. What’s more, the temperature accuracy of the humidity test chambers provides exceptionally stable storage conditions. Where this kind of testing is concerned, experts consider homogeneous temperature distribution vital.


What pharmaceutical companies are aiming to achieve is providing authorities with confirmation that the vaccines are effective. With the stakes so high, they need the reliable equipment that BINDER provides – so they can be sure to obtain the accurate testing results they are looking for.