Top qualifications through a study concept that is unique within Germany

June 2015 Logo of Hochschule Furtwangen University

Working together with the Tuttlingen campus of Furtwangen University, BINDER GmbH is promoting the training of future specialists and managers through a study concept that is the only one of its kind within Germany.


Tuttlingen, 15/06/2015 – With the aim of promoting training for qualified specialists and managers, the state of Baden-Württemberg, Tuttlingen city and region, and development association Hochschulcampus Tuttlingen Förderverein e.V. have developed a study concept that is the only one of its kind within Germany. The members of the association are regional companies from industry, who not only co-finance the partnership but also have a say in how the teaching is conducted. BINDER GmbH is one of the initiators of this project. Managing Director Peter M. Binder also serves as chairman of the advisory committee for bachelor's studies in Industrial Automation and Mechatronics, as well as chairman of the advisory committee for master's studies in Mechatronic Systems at the Tuttlingen campus. He knows how important practical training is: "The close links we have forged with the Tuttlingen campus allow us to have an active say in shaping and developing teaching content. In several cases, we also gain employees who are exceptionally well qualified, as many students who train with us decide to stay at BINDER."  


Every year, around five students have the opportunity to acquire practical experience in various fields at BINDER, by working as a student trainee or carrying out bachelor's or master's work, for example. Mechatronics is the focal point of their studies. Students also have the opportunity to further their skills during practical laboratory work in measurement, control, and regulation technology, and gain additional valuable experience by carrying out partial projects involving products that are set to be series-produced at a later stage. Under the guidance of an experienced developer, they take on responsibility for tasks in construction, testing, and mechatronics as well as hardware and software or measurement, control, and regulation technology. The Research and Development department maintains particularly close communication with the university, helping to define topics for project work and laboratory tests so that students are exposed to content which has real relevance. Furthermore, the company provides two to three mentors for the mentoring program at the Tuttlingen campus. They accompany students during their studies and support their personal and professional development, resulting in a dynamic path of learning that is focused on specific goals. "We personally come into contact with many students through the program, which is a very effective tool for selecting the right people – and I think that also applies the other way round", explains Jochen Bollaender, Head of Research and Development at BINDER, who has worked with students in a range of projects on many occasions. In addition, new students can find about current research projects in advance as part of a plant tour every year.