BINDER responds to customers' requirements

February 2018 Controller boasting three new features

BINDER develops state-of-the-art controller


Once again, BINDER has managed to demonstrate that it is one step ahead of the game. Following on from active discussions with experienced users, the relatively new touchscreen controller for constant climate and growth chambers has been developed further. New units on the market now come with the controller, which boasts three new features, while existing chambers can be upgraded with the latest technology if you run a software update on them. As well as constant climate chambers, dynamic climate chambers will also be available with the intuitive touchscreen controller in the near future. 


All of the unit settings and controller functions can be input and accessed with ease thanks to the high level of user-friendliness. So, what extra functions does the new controller offer? The first new addition that BINDER Product Managers Harald Schädler and Dr. Jens Thielmann are quick to point out is the internal data logger, which enables the controller to record all measured values over the space of years. The stored data can be accessed in open format via the USB port, allowing for further analysis using MS Excel, for example. The second new feature is that a unit self-test can be run by the controller in the event of any issues. The data generated by the test can be used by BINDER Service to run diagnostics remotely and in turn arrange an effective service call on site, with all of the spare parts required being taken along at that stage. The logical conclusion is to assume that this will save time and money, as technicians can prepare ahead for the specific problem and get it fixed efficiently. 


But that's not all, as the controller also now comes with an elapsed time indicator. Once a certain number of hours has been reached, the display will alert the user to the fact that maintenance work is due.  That's one less thing for BINDER customers to have to worry about!