Case Study - TROPACK

August 2016 TROPACK Packmittel GmbH

Desiccants – the all-round talent against corrosion damage

In seaworthy packaging, in containers for the automotive industry, in electronic devices, medicines, or shoes: wherever products, packaging, or goods are transported or stored, desiccants are used to provide valuable goods with effective protection against harmful moisture. This is because the microclimate within closed or hermetically sealed rooms can allow the microorganisms living inside to damage or even destroy the room itself as well as the objects it contains. However, these microorganisms require moisture to metabolize. And this is where desiccants come in: If the desiccant draws enough moisture from the room or container, these microorganisms – such as fungi – cannot survive.


Tropack has samples from every consignment examined in the laboratory because the desiccants do not always absorb the same amount of moisture. The company uses a BINDER constant climate chamber from the to test the absorption capacity of desiccant granules such as clay, silica gel, and molecular sieves. 


The straightforward unit handling and long-term constant temperature and moisture values were important to us.

Heiner Siering, QA/PP and Quality Manager at Tropack