Case Study – Bioscience Clinic Middle East

February 2015 Frau mit verjüngter Haut

Institute for Regenerative Medicine works on making aging skin appear younger


Bioscience Clinic Middle East specializes in stem cell therapy


The Bioscience Institute and Clinic are among the world's leading centers for regenerative medicine. Founded in 2006 in San Marino, the company has recently opened a subsidiary in Dubai. The Institute specializes primarily in personalized autologous stem cell therapies, which involve harvesting the body's own cells for use in applications such as plastic surgery, anti-aging therapy, tissue repair, or dermatological and orthopaedic treatments. Every step of this complex process is performed     in-house by the Institute, including tissue recovery, stem cell isolation and expansion, and ultimately patient treatment. It also boasts its own cryopreservation equipment with long-term storage for specimens that can be used in stem cell therapy. Whatever the requirements for extracting and storing stem cells, the Institute knows it can rely on climate chambers from BINDER, as they offer the utmost safety and defined, constant  conditions that are so essential for these sensitive processes.