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February 2016 Full speed ahead into the future

Full speed ahead into the future—get a flying start at BINDER

Dual training opportunities guarantee the best qualifications


A conversation with: Fabienne Schmidtjansen, Sales Assistant and Coordinator for the Near and Middle East


About Fabienne:

Fabienne is 26 years old and was born in Sipplingen am Bodensee. After completing her secondary education, Fabienne earned a Bachelor's degree in applied business languages, Asia and management, with a focus on the economic region of Indonesia/Malaysia at Konstanz University of Applied Sciences. She then decided to pursue a dual Master's degree in the area of international management. After completing an internship she discovered BINDER's training opportunities and applied for  the program. She began her training at BINDER in the form of a dual degree program in September 2012 and successfully completed the program in July 2014. Last year Fabienne married her childhood sweetheart.  In her free time she enjoys traveling to distant lands or making her way through a long book.


Fabienne, what is the exact name of the program of studies you completed at BINDER in the context of your dual degree program?

The program is a two-year, career-integrated, project-competency Master of Science program in international management (M.Sc.).

At which university did you complete your studies?

I was registered at the Stuttgart campus of Steinbeis University Berlin (School of International Business and Entrepreneurship, SIBE). Thanks to a partner program with the Institute for Marketing and Corporate Management (German: IMU) of the University of Bern, I also attended some lectures at this campus.

Which departments did you come to know during your studies at BINDER?

My position was in Sales. Because of my transfer project, which I completed over the course of two years, I also interfaced with other departments. Mainly with the BINDER Individual department, which implements customized solutions and expansions based on series production devices according to specific customer requests. But I also interacted quite a bit with Marketing, Product Management, Purchasing and Production.

You decided on a dual degree program. What did you find particularly positive in this degree path?

Already during my studies I was able to take on responsibility for an actual project, thereby gaining considerable practical experience. That is definitely a significant advantage for one's career later. The program also included a three-week exchange program in Brazil thanks to the partnership with the Catholic University of Brasília. This allowed me to receive a Brazilian MBA as well.

Were there any negative points?

The doubled workload for two years—I was working a 40-hour week at BINDER while also attending my seminars. Luckily they were generally held Thursdays through Saturdays. With this schedule there was little time to relax.

What is the advantage of a dual degree program?

Despite being in school, you can gain quite a bit of professional experience in the two years, and not just theoretical knowledge. Moreover, you can settle into the company without stressing before your actual permanent employment begins. Another significant advantage is that you earn a (student's) salary, even though you're still in a degree program. That makes it easier to be at least somewhat independent.

If you had to decide today, would you choose this kind of study program again?

Yes, absolutely. But this kind of degree program is only for people who can tolerate a heavy load well, are flexible, and enjoy traveling.

What was your Bachelor's degree that you earned before your Master's program?

Before BINDER, I earned a Bachelor's degree in applied business languages, Asia and management with a focus on the economic region of Indonesia/Malaysia at Konstanz University of Applied Sciences.

Did BINDER provide any form of support during your studies?

I received a great deal of support from the company. Any time technical questions came up, everyone who was involved was more than willing to help out. When I was under deadline pressure, my colleagues stepped in to lighten my load at work. Additionally, BINDER paid my tuition and fees and supported me financially by making a rental car available to me and paying my expenses.

What position were you offered after completing your Master's degree at BINDER?

Distribution Coordinator, Industrial Sales, Central Europe Region

What does your job entail today?

My day-to-day work in internal sales consists of supporting distribution partners, working out documents related to offers, testing special solutions (BINDER INDIVIDUAL), consulting with customers (by phone or at the customer's location), helping to organize and implement trade shows, training and customer seminars. In field sales, my job consists of visiting key accounts and comprehensive market analysis. In addition I am responsible for actively managing the interface between Sales worldwide and BINDER INDIVIDUAL.

What are your goals for the next three years?

I would like to be able to apply what I learned in my studies to my day-to-day work. I would like to remain open to new challenges and tasks, and above all I want to continue having fun in my job.