BINDER incubators are available with a four-piece copper set

January 2018 BINDER offers an alternative in copper

Copper fans get their money's worth


BINDER are known for fostering no contamination. The seamless stainless-steel inner chamber, which has few fixtures, gives fungal or bacterial microbes no toehold where they can start to reproduce. There are some scientists, however, who have had positive experiences with copper incubators and so still prefer that non-ferrous metal. Well, BINDER has a solution for this too.


There is the , for example, with a proven stainless-steel chamber and a four-piece copper set consisting of three copper shelves and a copper-plated water pan. This provides increased combination safety at no additional cost, particularly when working with primary cell cultures and in cell stem research, says Product Manager Dr. Jens Thielmann. "Copper has a biocidal effect – that is, the heavy metal is toxic to microorganisms even at low concentrations and they die off," explains the biologist.


BINDER is one of the few incubator manufacturers who have copper in their range. Thielmann adds: "Stainless steel is still the better material for the inner chamber, since nothing grows on its dry surfaces and rounded corners – and you can always see just how clean it is!"


Through active discussions with its users, BINDER has established that precisely this solution is proving its worth in the field, although only for extremely sensitive applications. "We are delighted that we always have just the right product for our users and their specific requirements. We will continue to work on this, so everyone gets exactly the BINDER unit they need."