Huge demand for BINDER chambers in North America

January 2018 BINDER chambers in demand in the USA

North Americans love BINDER chambers


BINDER GmbH, which has its headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany, has a thriving subsidiary located on Long Island, USA: BINDER INC. President Uwe Ross, a German who has lived in North America for over 20 years, leads the 11-strong team. David Craig looks after the Northeast, Tim Foley the West, Scott Bjornstrom the Midwest, and Ryan Powell the South regions of the USA.


The sales managers provide customers with all the support they need on the ground. Major industrial customers and several universities, that is, the scientific sector, use BINDER chambers to conduct research. The University of Rochester, for example, has achieved very precise research results in the field of bone and fracture healing thanks to BINDER technology. The scientists who actually use the 24 hours a day, seven days a week are really enthusiastic about them, telling BINDER: "We love your incubators." But it is not only the academic staff at this university who appreciate BINDER quality.


There are now many in North America who would no longer trade the German flair for engineering and precision, and who want even more simulation chambers made in Tuttlingen. So, to meet the huge demand in North America, there is also a warehouse of stock right by the headquarters on Long Island, from which the entire North American region can be supplied with products quickly. With their high quality and the technical expertise that goes into them, the simulation chambers will always be well received, and they will continue to find even more fans, not least because the advice and service offered by BINDER are one of a kind. And since Americans love innovation and vision, they love BINDER too.