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Communications software APT-COM™

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Status Export aktiviert
Katalogbezeichnung Gruppe APT-COM™ communications software
Katalogbezeichnung Gruppe APT-COM™ communications software


APT-COM™ 3 BASIC Edition

  • Remote control for connected simulation chamber
  • Graphic recording of measured values
  • Documentation of measured values in a tamper-proof file
  • Documentation when an adjustable tolerance limit is exceeded
  • Documentation of all system service with user name and supporting documents
  • Blocking function (software lock) for unsupervised operation
  • Graphical/numerical program editor
  • Output of measured values in ASCII format on a printer or in a spreadsheet file for further processing, e.g. in spreadsheet programs, date range freely selectable


All the same functions as the BASIC edition and:

  • Administration of up to 30 networked simulation chambers
  • Alarm notification via SMTP e-mail in the event measured value limits are exceeded or fall short
  • Time-controlled output of measured values (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Output of measured values to an HTTP web server, i.e. measured values are periodically displayed as a homepage and can be viewed using a web browser
  • Manual printout in HTML and e-mail

APT-COM™ 3 GLP Edition

All the same functions as the STANDARD edition and:

  • Unlimited number of users with individual passwords
  • Password protection: GxP compliant
  • Can be validated according to 21 CFR Part 11 in the system
  • Central overview of all units and control room functions via TCP/IP using Watch tool
  • Different rights for users and administrators
  • Remote alarm system via e-mail and/or call-in, in the event that limits are exceeded or communication problems occur
  • Documentation of measured values in a tamper-proof file in accordance with GLP/GMP guidelines
  • Automatic backup system

for logging, controlling and monitoring

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