BINDER is committed to the Baden-Württemberg region

August 2015 Site Tuttlingen

More and more companies are relocating their sites abroad due to cost pressures. BINDER GmbH has been demonstrating its commitment to its Tuttlingen site and the quality of German manufacturing for over 30 years.


Unlike many of its competitors, who are relocating their premises or production sites abroad in order to reduce costs, BINDER GmbH, the world's largest specialist manufacturer of simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, has been based in Tuttlingen for more than 30 years. Around 22,000 units leave the factory each year and find homes around the world in laboratories and industrial settings. “For us, the high quality that goes hand in hand with being “made in Germany” is hugely important, because our customers value the precision and reliability of German manufacturing,” says founder Peter M. Binder.


The expectations and the attitudes of employees have also changed as awareness of the work/life balance increases. As well as securing a good job offer, people want to achieve a balance between their professional and personal lives. The availability and quality of training opportunities and depth and breadth in terms of leisure and cultural activities are also gaining in importance. For BINDER, Tuttlingen is an attractive location precisely because of the close links between business, science, education and training, and a very high quality of life. As well as being a hive of industrial activity and one of the most economically successful regions of Germany, the area is also known for the extensive education and training opportunities it offers and the study concept offered by the university campus at Tuttlingen, which is unique in Germany.  The economic growth enjoyed here, where the business landscape is dominated by SMEs offering stable employment prospects, is virtually unrivaled by any other location. The region is also a popular choice for international companies to locate their subsidiary operations. “This location is excellent, with excellent transport links to France, Austria, and Switzerland,” says Peter M. Binder. The region boasts unique and unspoilt natural landscapes, lakes, and forests. “The Alps, the Black Forest, and Lake Constance are virtually on the doorstep. This really appeals to our employees,” concludes Peter M. Binder.