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BINDER sets new standards with pioneering simulation chambers


BINDER GmbH has come up with a series of innovative new products and technologies with its simulation chambers. The new dimensions and modern design of the constant climate chambers, incubators, and cooling incubators is now reflected in their all-new performance capacity. And for the first time, the manufacturers are venturing with the KBF 1020 constant climate chamber into the new market territory of machines with capacities of over 1,000 liters. With their entirely homogeneous temperature distribution, the new Avantgarde.Line drying and heating chambers are making a real statement on the market.


BINDER has launched a real master of efficiency with an interior volume of 1020 liters in the form of the new constant climate chamber. From October 1, a unit with 1,020 liters of usable space will be available alongside the existing sizes of 115, 240, and 720 liters.


BINDER GmbH has now expanded its product portfolio of KT series cooling incubators with thermoelectric cooling by adding a new model: The world's first cooling incubator with a capacity of 170 liters is now available alongside the existing KT 53 and KT 115 sizes. Despite having the same footprint as the smaller KT 115, it provides more than 60% more usable space.


While the standard C 150 incubator meets all necessary requirements surrounding optimum growth conditions for cell and tissue cultures, the larger interior volume of 170 liters and improved humidity performance in the new C 170 really is setting new standards. And in spite of their large interior volume, the low height of the units mean they can be stacked with a stacking adapter to save space while remaining easy to operate.


When it comes to drying, sterilization, and heating, the existing Classic.Line drying and heating chambers with gravity and forced convection ensure high quality and reliability every time. And with 250,000 units sold worldwide, the quality of these products speaks for itself. BINDER has now redeveloped these product lines and improved performance levels further still. Thanks to the latest APT.line technology, the new Avantgarde.Line has an entirely homogeneous temperature accuracy, not to mention short heating up and recovery times. With their high levels of energy efficiency, intuitive operation, and straightforward data recording facility, the units continue to impress and exceed the requirements set in a wide variety of different tests.

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July 2016

ETEM certification

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COMPETENCE FACTORY groundbreaking ceremony

The groundbreaking ceremony provides the starting signal for the expansion of the company headquarters in Tuttlingen.

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BINDER Innovation Prize

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