Program Controller Deployed on BINDER Inc. Environmental Test Chambers

November 2017 Program Controller Environmental Test Chambers

The new devices enhance safety, security and ease of use


A new program controller, offered on a range of BINDER Inc. environmental test chambers, provide accuracy, safety and security. Accessed through an easy-to-use 5.7 inch-wide touchscreen, the controller makes all functions for daily use clearly visible and increases precision through a readily navigated smart menu. 


Password protected access levels with a variety of hierarchical authorization functions prevent unauthorized access. Each level can be assigned a unique password, providing robust safety and security. Visual and audio alarm indicators cover a variety of status and alarm notifications. When an alarm is triggered, an e-mail alert can be sent immediately to as many as three specified addresses. 

The program controller regulates climate conditions and can be used for real-time input of temperature and humidity cycles and date and time parameters. Required values and cycles can be entered directly via the interface or, alternatively, sequenced and uploaded from BINDER’s Window’s-based APT-COM PC software. 

A built-in USB port allows import and export of data. Controller access is also available via a web server, which allows viewing, for example, an event list. Strict security controls prevent changes to settings via online access. 


“Security comes from knowing not only that programs cannot be altered, but also from knowing that parameters are entered correctly and will be executed properly,”

said Uwe Ross, president, BINDER, Inc.

 “BINDER chamber users can be assured that their equipment will perform safely and at the highest level.” 


The new controller is now available on environmental test chambers in the KMF, KBF P and KBF LQC (with ICH-compliant light source and light dose control); KBW (with light); and KBWF (with light and humidity) series chambers.