C 170 and KBF 1020 - 10% discount

September 2017 10% discount - valid until end of year

Are you interested in a CO2 incubator or in a Humidity test chamber?


The C170 CO2 incubator provides:  
  • Contamination-free hot air sterilization at 180°C
  • Maximum saturation without condensation 
  • Temperature uniformity and accuracy provides optimal cell growth conditions 
  • Stable pH with our drift-free CO2 sensor creates a neutral pH for your cells 
  • One piece interior with no welds, corners and minimal surface area for easy cleaning 
  • Interior space 6 cu.ft — Stack 2 x 6 cu.ft




More information (C 170)


The main features of the humidity test chamber are:
  • Condensation-free Stainless Steel interior 
  • Capable of performing ICH level stress tests at 60-70°C with 75% RH 
  • Most usable interior volume within the industry 
  • Can be used with a wide range of water services 
  • cUL listed


More information (KBF 1020)


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