BINDER brings everything you need to know about humidity test chambers together on a single page

April 2018 Become an expert

Tips, tricks, and everything there is to know about constant climate chambers


BINDER has created a new page to explain everything you had ever wanted to know about humidity test chambers. Our experts have compiled all information relating to this handy testing device on a single page. Whether it be standard-compliant long-term tests, material tests, or aging tests, humidity test chambers from BINDER are true all-rounders. 


The topic page is well worth a look – perhaps even two or three. The real-life examples are also particularly interesting, as they detail how humidity test chambers are used in scientific and industrial applications.

These include drugs that only receive approval once they also fulfill certain quality requirements. The compounds must be able to withstand both high and low temperatures and also undergo testing to see whether they retain their active ingredients following a prolonged period of storage. The tests also allow the expiry date to be determined.


Cosmetic pencils also need to be able to prove themselves in the humidity test chambers. Many different users rely on a test procedure that has been specifically developed for this very purpose. It involves storing the pencils in a humidity test chamber for a period of twelve weeks at temperatures between 5°C and 50°C. Then further tests are carried out on the lead of the pencil. These results can be used to make statements on the quality of the product, as well as recommendations for storage.

Does this make you want to hear more about this topic too? Then why not take a look at our new information page for humidity test chambers.