Latest APT.line™ generation

July 2017 BINDER FED 115 Avantgarde.Line drying chamber

BINDER impresses with unrivaled energy efficiency

BINDER drying and heating chambers from the FED, FD, and ED Avantgarde.Line series, as well as incubators from the BD and BF Avantgarde.Line series with the latest APT.line™ technology save up to 30 percent more energy compared to the products made by our competitors.



The BINDER simulation chambers with the refined APT.LineTM concept impress with a unique level of performance combined with outstanding energy efficiency. Studies have shown that drying chambers from the Avantgarde.Line series, as well as incubators from the Avantgarde.Line series require up to 30 percent less energy compared to the products made by our competitors. The innovative Avantgarde.Line concept based on the proven BINDER APT.line™ preheating chamber technology is a unique heating system that ensures homogeneous temperature distribution inside chambers. The new APT.line™ was developed and optimized in collaboration with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland. The units belonging to this latest technological generation were launched under the Avantgarde.Line designation. The units that are still produced according to the old generation are assigned the Classic.Line designation to facilitate classification. Thanks to the new ventilation system, the refined APT.line™ concept ensures that the unit heats up rapidly and that the air is distributed evenly in the inner chamber. This results in better temperature distribution, improved recovery time, and the very best temperature accuracy. Thanks to the excellent insulation, the units simultaneously combine a unique level of performance with reduced energy consumption. The low heat dissipation ensures outstanding energy efficiency. The units have been equipped with a cold-device plug so that they can easily be used anywhere in the world.